Together, we can provide scholarship dollars and related services to students for whom it can make the greatest difference – those whose families are low-income, including many who will be the first in their families to go to college.

Ashley Murillo
“It’s an honor. These people believe in you. In a way, I feel like they put trust in you because they’re giving you this money believing that you will go far, that you will do great. So I feel like it gives me hope and pushes me to do my best.”
— Ashley Murillo, UC Davis student,

2016 Stanislaus Community Foundation
Scholarship Recipient

Why Invest in Strategic Needs-Based Scholarships?

How Do Strategic, Needs-Based Scholarships Benefit Us All?

The higher the education level of a region’s residents, the greater the impact on the regional economy.

GDP infographic
Studies show that if each employed person in Stanislaus County got an additional year of education, our county’s GDP could jump $2.8 billion.

By supporting Stanislaus Futures, you leverage your dollars with Stanislaus Community Foundation, fellow donors and funders to maximize the impact on our region’s economic prosperity while helping students reach and succeed in college.

Join us to change the future of our community by creating strategic, needs-based scholarships for youth in Stanislaus County.

Alternatively, you can support Stanislaus Futures scholars through a gift in your will or estate plan. Your contribution will help fund scholarships and students for years to come. Our Stanislaus Futures team is happy to discuss the opportunities of this initiative with you further. Please call (209) 576-1608 for more information.