Stanislaus Futures


We all want to build a thriving economy, safe neighborhoods and a vibrant culture in Stanislaus County. And we recognize that our success depends on preparing students for the workforce. Growing the number of students who earn college degrees and obtain well-paying jobs makes a bright future for Stanislaus County.

But right now, we’re falling behind.

Only 1 out of 6 Stanislaus County residents age 25 and older has a bachelor’s degree or higher level of education, compared to 1 out of 3 California residents.
Degrees Infographic

Out of every 100 9th graders in Stanislaus County, 84 will graduate from high school, but only 19 will complete college within six years.
100 Students Infographic

The startling fact is this: Many local students have the ability and desire to succeed in college. However, these students often lack access to college guidance and financial resources that support the transition from high school to college, and from college to career.


Public college costs have risen dramatically in the last three decades, much faster than the rate of inflation. Government-funded financial aid has not kept pace, especially for low-income students whose families must spend a disproportionate amount of their income to cover education expenses.

The average tuition cost for a 4-year institution is more than 5 times higher than it was in 1980.
College Cost Comparison Infographic

In California, the lowest-income families pay up to 65% of their discretionary income on college expenses.
Is the Cost of College Affordable


Stanislaus Futures is a long-term and large-scale commitment to provide low-income Stanislaus County students the opportunity to achieve their college and professional goals.

Stanislaus Community Foundation is working closely with the College Futures Foundation, a respected statewide leader that has studied the experience and achievements of more than 20,000 low-income California scholarship recipients. We’re also collaborating with The Modesto Bee, Stanislaus County Office of Education (SCOE), several area K-12 school districts, Modesto Junior College and Stanislaus State to build scholarship funds, align systems and deepen family engagement to ensure students gain needed financial aid and college resources.



Educate students and their parents about college options and access to financial aid.

Provide culturally-sensitive college and financial aid preparation and guidance for low-income, underrepresented students and their parents.

Support college counselors trained to help the transition to college and increase FAFSA completion rates.

Compile financial aid information, scholarship links and a common application for local scholarships within the Stanislaus Futures website.


Build and administer strategic, needs-based scholarship funds to students with the most financial need.

Provide scholarships to low-income students who have the potential and drive to succeed in college, but lack the means.

Present opportunities for Stanislaus County residents and corporations to invest in Stanislaus Futures.


Work with high school districts and institutions of higher education to embrace best practices.

Partner with Stanford’s John Gardner Center for Youth & Communities to gather data and identify gaps and opportunities along a student’s path through Stanislaus County’s K-12 system and into college.

Convene working groups focused on key transition points among Stanislaus County Office of Education, local high school districts, Modesto Junior College and CSU Stanislaus.

Danny Mauricio
“Receiving the scholarship made me realize, ‘Here’s the seed, just water it. Let it grow.’ I don’t know if life would’ve turned out the same or gone different if it weren’t for that small seed that grew and blossomed.”
— Danny Mauricio,
UC Merced student,

2014 Stanislaus Community Foundation scholarship recipient